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Sewage Treatment Plant

Secondary Treatment Units (ASP Systems):

* Aeration Tank and Secondary Clarifier * Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)
* Anaerobic Reactor * UASB System
* Trickling Filter * Sludge Digester
* Blowers * Surface Aerators
* Activated Biomass * Clarifier Assemblies

Tertiary Treatment Units:

* Gravity Filters * Multi Grade Filter (MGF) * Electro Chlorinator
* Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) * Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) * UV Purifier
* Dual Media Filter * Chlorine Dosing Machines * Ozonator
* Micro Filtration (MF) Plant * Ultra Filtration (UF) Plant * Nano Filtration (NF) Plant
* Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant


Traditional way to dispose municipal Sewage by diluting the waste dumped into an available body of water such as river or lake. Most of the Bio-degradable substances of sewage are rapidly decomposed in the water body.Though it was the first method employed, there is drawback that it decreases oxygen contents of water causing hindrance to rapid growth of fishes and vegetation of river or lake.In addition it also causes public contamination and temporary pollution of steam and lakes.


Electro processors packaged sewage treatment plant is designed and developed indigeneously, this revolutionary concept of packaged STP drastically cuts cost on treatment, reduces space requirement, runs on low operating cost and most importantly produces sparkling clear water free from odour meeting with most stringent norms.

It relies on principle of biological treatment methods which combined with an efficient oxygen transfer capacity, provides excellent performance results reducing BOD, TSS, Oil and Grease (FOG) and comply WHO recommended standards.

Effluent Treatment Plant

We offer sewage treatment plant (STP) that is extensively used for various purposes such as hotels, malls, educational institutions and housing societies. Our experts use these precision engineered, sewage treatment plant to meet the demands of our clients and render the best services for them. We try to maintain prompt delivery services to our clients based in the domestic and international market.

Our company is involved in all spheres of manufacturing effluent treatment plants, like concept development, designing, construction, erection and commissioning. These plants are used in all types of industries, special economical zones (SEZs) and industrial complexes.

Given below are the treatment units used in the different stages of the effluent treatment process, and the equipment we manufacture and install by us for these stages.

Primary Treatment Units:

* Equalization Tank * Neutralization Tank
* Oil and Grease Removal Tank * Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)
* Primary Settling Tank (PST), * Flash Mixer
* Flocculator * Clarifier,
* Clariflocculator * Tube Settler
* Sludge Drying Beds * Clarifier or Clariflocculator Assemblies
* Agitators or Mixers for Chemical Mixing * Media for Sludge Drying Beds
* Filter Press * Decanter

Apart from these, we also manufacture Zero Discharge Treatment Plants, which are designed, developed, constructed, erected and commissioned by our team. These are used in a variety of industries, SEZs and complexes, and recycle the effluents for process applications, gardening and flushing.