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WTP(Water Treatment Plants)

We are providing Erection and commissioning of mineral water plants used for industrial and household purpose.We are also providing other services related to mineral water plant such as BIS registration and certification.

Mineral water Plants erection work is available for 1 litre bottling plant as well as Jar bottling plants.

Water Softeners

The clients can avail Water Softeners from us, which effectively eliminate hardening agents like calcium and magnesium ion. With the help of a high synthetic resin, the hardening ions are exchanged with sodium. This plant is available in many varieties, the only difference in the different models being the resin capacity. These plants bring down the hardness level to 5 ppm, the commercial zero, and can soften water very swiftly – upto 200 cubic meters per hour. These are easy to operate and incur low maintenance cost, and are installed very efficiently by our skilled team.

Specifications :

  • One mild steel pressure vessel painted internally with black bitumin anticorrosive paint and externally with redoxide primer with proper distribution and collection system for service and regeneration cycle.
  • One set of frontal pipework with valves and ejector to carry out normal operation and regeneration cycle.
  • One Complete Charge of cation exchange resin.
  • One Salt tank of HDPE with fitting and brine filter media.
  • One test kit of monitor raw and treated water hardness.

Applications :

  • Boiler Feed
  • Cooling Tower Make-up
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Textile Processing
  • Beverage Production
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Laundries


A water softener reduces the calcium, magnesium and to some degree manganese and ferrous iron ion concentration in hard water The water to be treated passes through a bed of the resin. Negatively-charged resins absorb and bind metal ions, which are positively charged The resins initially contain univalent hydrogen, sodium or potassium ions, which exchange with divalent calcium and magnesium ions in the water. This exchange eliminates precipitation and soap scum formation This water softener plants removes all the hard impurities from water and makes it soft and usable. We prepare softener as per your requirement.


  • 1- Hard water reduces the cleaning power of detergents. soft water reduces soaps requirements by about 70%.
  • 2- Food and water taste different. cooking takes longer than ever before. cooking gas consumption increases by 30% . hard water also causes scale deposits on utensils.
  • 3- Would you bear to see your expesive bathroom fittings decay? hard water leaves scales which clog pipes, faucets, valves and fixtures.
  • 4- Hard water leads to deterioration and fading of fabrics. it reduces life of your fabrics by 15%
  • 5- Hard water makes hard work out of washing floors, tiles and walls. it renders cleaning ineffective.
  • 6- Craggy hairs, dry hairs, hair loss,. all have roots in hard water.
  • 7- Hard water reacts adversely with detergents. which means even your little ones ultra soft towels turn rough on their sof skin. soft water caresses, hard water irritates.


This Water Softner induces instant charge in the water stream resulting breaking of the weak molecular bond of elements & compounds present in the water. The positive and the negative charges are there upon each molecule present in the water which helps water to reduce its surface tension with the result more penetration of water molecule in the object where water is being used for carious applications.

This gives instant physical change to the water molecule and the changes remain effective till water retain the charge through magnetic cage approximately the effect remains up to 90-120 hrs. The construction has been made simpler by keeping in mind the easy fitment within the running pipe.

R.O Water System

We provide the clients with the best Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying System available in the market, and install these at the clients site with utmost expertise. The plant can effectively remove all type of contaminants and ions from water, and make it potable. This plant is ideal for residential and industrial purposes, as well as for corporate houses. It is manufactured in two variants, Industrial R.O. System Water Purifier and Commercial R.O. System Water Purifier. Both of these are readily available in the domestic market, at competitive prices. These are manufactured using high grade material, and in accordance with the requisite industry standards.

D. M. Plants

We are engaged in manufacturing and installing D. M. Plants, which are manufactured using mild steel and FRP vessels. The demineralization process involves the complete elimination or considerable reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. This is carried out by conducting an ion exchange process using cation and anion resin beds. This plant is available as D. M. Plant and D. M. Mixed Bed Plant, both of which are readily available at leading prices.