Water Softeners

Water Softeners

The purchasers will avail Water Softeners from U.S.A., that effectively eliminate hardening agents like calcium and magnesium ion. With the assistance of a high resin, the hardening ions area unit changed with sodium. This plant is available in many varieties, the only difference in the different models being the resin capacity. These plants bring down the hardness level to 5 ppm, the commercial zero, and can soften water very swiftly up to 200 cubic meters per hour. These area unit straightforward to control and incur low maintenance price, and area unit put in terribly with efficiency by our masterful team.

Specifications :

  • One mild steel pressure vessel painted internally with black bitumin anticorrosive paint and externally with redoxide primer with proper distribution and collection system for service and regeneration cycle.
  • One set of frontal pipework with valves and ejector to carry out normal operation and regeneration cycle.
  • One Complete Charge of cation exchange resin.
  • One Salt tank of HDPE with fitting and brine filter media.
  • One test kit of monitor raw and treated water hardness.


Applications :

  •  Boiler Feed
  •  Cooling Tower Make-up
  •  Air Conditioning Plants
  • Textile Processing
  •  Beverage Production
  •  Hospitals
  •  Hotels
  •  Laundries

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Water Softeners

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