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Services We Offer

We render services for a variety of operations for the products offered by us, and also evaluate the impact of our products on the environment & guide the clients regarding the same. The services provided by us are executed by a team that continuously works towards devising the best solutions for the clients.

  • MPCB Liasoning Job Work
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Consultancy
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Erection & Commissioning

Industries Catered To

Through our products, we are successfully serving the requirements of diverse industries, and are providing effective solution for their water & sewage treatment needs. The total solutions and services devised by us are benefiting the following industries:

* Chemical Industry * Pharmaceutical Industry * Food And Beverages Industry * Textile
* Fertilizers * Paper And Pulp * Powder Coating Industry * Metal
* Sugar * Pharmaceutical * Rubber * Plastic
* Heavy Engineering * Hospitality * Dairy * Automobile

Application Areas

We are involved in manufacturing and installing a range which is fulfilling the variegated needs of many application areas. Our products & services are well known throughout the industry for their effectiveness and are well accepted in the industry. Some of the areas that make use of our range are:

* Distilleries And Breweries * Oil Refineries *Tanneries
* Hospitals * Hotels * Restaurants
* Nylon * Dyes And Pigments * Power Plants
* Petrochemical Complexes * Electroplating Operations * Air Conditioning Plants
* Iron And Steel Plants * Apartments * Food Processing Units
* Cooling Tower Make-Up * Boiler Feeds * Laundries

We supply the following products in wide ranges and grades to suit your needs.

Equipments Particulars
Pressure Sand Filters For drinking, cooling towers, pretreatment, and swimming pools Flow rates from 1000 LPH and above.
Activated Carbon Filters For Drinking, Bacteria, Odour, Colour removal and pretreatment Flow rates from 1000 LPH and above
Iron Removal Filters To remove the Excess Iron content present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop.
Gravity Sand Filters For Municipal Drinking water supplies, Paper and Pulp Mills, Steel Industries, Fertilisers, Chemical Industries with high flow Filtration rates
Water Softeners Domestic/Commercial/ Industrial Units for Boilers, Housing Colonies, Company Canteens, Industries etc.
Demineralisation Plants Thermal Power Stations, Fertilisers, Chemical Industries, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Dairies, Textiles etc.
Reverse Osmosis Plants Reverse osmosis, a membrane desalination process, purifies brackish / high TDS water for drinking and industrial purpose. Reverse osmosis membrane technology produce water with very low dissolved solids which is also free from particulate and organic matter
Ultrafiltration Plants Ultrafiltration Plants for removal of organic contaminants and suspended solids like paint pigments, ink, asbestos, tobacco smoke, gelatin, colloidal silica, tannins, lignin etc, is needed.
Mineral Water Plants Packaged Drinking water Plants as per IS 14543 for flow rates 500 LPH and above